We are driven to create places that bring people happiness. That philosophy guides our work building single-family homes, communities, apartments and centers where people work, shop and congregate.

We have found that constructing special spaces requires a uniquely structured company. That’s why we employ an amazing spectrum of talented professionals all under one roof. At US-BANGLA ASSETS LTD., everyone from site selectors to investment experts to architects and horticulturalists work together on every project. Because of this, we are able to focus on every detail, which is the secret to our communities’ appeal: the care with which we craft every element, no matter how small, results in houses, buildings and communities that enrich people’s lives.
US-BANGLA ASSETS LTD. was founded in 2006 on the belief that real estate could, and should, be beautiful. To this day, our founder cultivates an understanding that each project is more than the sum of its parts – rather, every project is an opportunity to create remarkable communities that boost aesthetics, livability and well-being.

The journey of US-BANGLA ASSETS LTD. began by building land projects. Over decades, our company has grown, applying the same careful home-building approach to apartments and entire communities. Each one of US-BANGLA ASSETS LTD.’s projects across the country has provided a valuable learning experience for our employees, who are always looking for new ways to create delight in buildings and homes.